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VI Agents Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

 6D efficiently accounts for and manages shipments, products, assets, cargo, perishables, tractors, and drivers.  6D facilitates the maximization of revenue and margins where right-time insights associated with the condition, pedigree, sourcing details, inventory levels, and the location of various assets provide significant amounts of information required to optimize operations. 

Organizations that need to track and trace product from the source or seed to retail sale to confirm product pedigree, meet regulatory requirements, and other material details associated with the sourcing and inventory of product may easily leverage 6D.

There are many different types of tracking, tracing, and asset management use case scenarios.  The below examples are illustrative of what 6D Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics solutions can provide you.

NVC diagram.png

Secure Transport and Tracking of Tractor, Tanker-Trailer, Driver, and Contents.png

Cold Value Chain Process Map.png

Perishable Product NVC.png