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6D Companion™


6D Companion is a mobile application client that runs on Android and IoS smartphones and tablets.  The application functionality included in 6D Companion and integrated with the 6D Application and Integration Server™ ('6DAIS™') empowers us to deliver semi-custom mobile applications to meet whatever requirements our partners and clients may have.   This includes use of all hardware features of the smartphone or tablet plus any accessories that may be used in conjunction with the handheld device as well as any information from multiple legacy applications or data that is maintained by 6D.


Some of the feature functionality of 6D Companion and 6DAIS includes:

  • Local data storage and automatic data synchronization with 6DAIS
  • Automatic data synchronization
  • Automatic re-connection data services
  • Push based notifications and data
  • 2-way in-app messaging
  • Fully integrated with 6DAIS
  • Aggregated, mashed-up user interfaces
  • Data integration with multiple legacy applications via 6DAIS
  • Fully integrated with all hardware capabilities of smartphone, tablets and accessories including wearables


PSS 9 buttons          PSS 2way messaging


The icons can be customized to meet the needs of each client and provide the proper context for their use with server side application functionality, notification, alerting, and monitoring.

2-way application messaging, emergency broadcast messaging to all users, groups of users, or individual users is provided by 6D Companion.  Other device features are supported including the capture of pictures and video that can be shared with security personnel, other workers, and safety and security personnel.

VI Agents cloud based 6D Companion web based dashboard, Application Server, and other services and technology, family, friends, and organizational security personnel can monitor the location of each user and provide support and assistance as required.

Internet Dashboard

Trackingsp 4            Trackingsp 3

High Level Features: 6D Companion Mobile Application & Dashboard

  • Smartphone and tablet mobile applications
    • White labeled & customizable
    • 1-way and 2-way voice options
    • GPS tracking
    • Indoor tracking using beacons
    • 9 mobile app icons that are each configurable and will send:
      • Configured message
      • Configured phone number
    • Emergency Alert System broadcast:
      • Individual
      • Group
      • Organization
    • Two-way messaging & file transfer
    • Hotlist of emergency situations and ability to clear the emergency and document actions taken, etc.
    • Ping-locate now
    • Configurable periodic reporting
    • Geo-Mapping

Geofence Creation and Visualization

  • Circles
  • Polygons
  • Facility Mapping
  • Ping/Locate Button
  • Reverse geocodes for street addresses
  • Email and SMS notification
  • Team and team member assignments
  • Custom Forms
  • Use of barcode and QR scanners
  • Use of camera and other smartphone functions
  • Smartphone and tablet applications
    • Android
    • iOS

Market Opportunities

VI Agents’ safety and security solutions serve commercial, government, and consumer opportunities of all sizes.  Special purpose devices and native mobile applications are easily deployed and managed by VI Agents partners and their downstream clients and partners.

VI Agents partners self-administer their use of the system and devices.  Partners may delegate to their downstream partners and clients certain self-administration rights and responsibilities.

Compelling Value

VI Agents products best serve today’s consumer and commercial clients as well as government entities.  VI Agents offers..,

  • Compelling Value
  • Quickest “go-live” deployment cycle times
  • Compliance with no cell phone policies
  • BYOD option
  • Locked down single purpose smartphones option
  • Smartphone and smartwatch integration
  • Customizable & extensible business rules and client specific policies and procedures
  • Open platform - any device or system

 Who uses 6D Companion and Dashboard?

  • Field Workers
  • Lone Workers
  • Teachers
  • Bus drivers
  • Realtors
  • Senior Citizens
  • Special Needs Individuals
  • Alzheimer patients
  • Children
  • Students
  • Administrators
  • Executives
  • Sales professional