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6 Dimensions of Knowledge and Insight ('6D™')

6D addresses the 6 dimensions of knowledge and insight required to deliver a comprehensive solution.  Those 6 dimensions are:

  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Who?
  • Why?
  • How?

The best examples of how these six dimensions apply to a digital transformation project are the following more complete questions:

  • What has, is, or will occur?
  • When did or will the event occur?
  • Where did or will the event occur?
  • Who is interested in this event and outcomes?
  • Why are they interested and why did this event or abnormality occur?
  • How should we respond or the system respond?

6D was designed to address all six dimensions in real-time.

 6D Provides an Agile Decoupled Event-Driven Architecture and Application Platform for Success

Event-drive applications will:

  • Deliver significant value to the business enabling applications to react to changes as they occur in milliseconds,
  • Capture events in real-time from any source, internal or external to your organization, that enable systems to react automatically and robotically,
  • Publish data, analytics, insights, or transactions in real-time to any participating system, partner, user, or entity,
  • Model events as either events or documents providing a strong foundation for transactional and analytical applications,
  • Empower the publishing and subscribing to data streams and analytics that make other applications more powerful,
  • Intelligently orchestrate and automate existing applications making them more responsive and powerful,
  • Improve organizational agility

Historically, application systems and components don't send events to one another in real-time.  In contrast, with 6D's bi-directional decoupled event-driven system, 6D processes events and triggers in real-time.  6D's command, control, and communications (c3) capabilities then determines the proper system behavior, actions, transactions, and user activity to trigger.  6D orchestrates these transactions across any number of systems, equipment, devices, and users.  6D determines what transactions and system behavior to trigger based upon pre-defined business rules, AI/ML, and data analytics.  The immediate detection of events and triggered transactions and system behaviors empowers the organization to be proactive and positive.  This in turn creates a much better customer experience and a more productive, efficient, and responsive high performance organization.

6D provides software solutions that are deeply embedded, on the edge, deployed in fog servers or in the data center or cloud.

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