Expert in the use of AI/ML, IoT, Analytics, Visual Analytics/Computer Vision & Digital Transformation that streamlines operations, automates workflows and processes, predicts and makes decisions, and increases profitability

Reduce risk and reliably deliver the best ROI from your digital transformation investment with semi-customized applications and solutions built with our 6D(tm) digital transformation and IoT software platform!


Leverage the 6D Application and Analytics Software Platform™ (‘6D™’) to rapidly implement your digital transformation strategy.  

In a digital economy, success is measured by how quickly and reliably you build applications that uniquely fit the needs of your business; how technology is integrated and applied; and how to optimize utility and maximize impact.  Success also requires you to be able to quickly deploy such new innovations and rapidly update them to keep pace with the pace of change in your business.  6D is a mature and reliable platform for success that you will use over and over again for many different applications.  6D is an open, configurable, and extensible low-code/no-code application solution and visual/data analytics platform.  6D:

  • Will help you deliver solutions 8-15 times faster,
  • Reduces risk and increases reliability,
  • Leverages built-in AI/ML, visual and data analytics, IoT, and digital twin technologies
  • Provides a bidirectional de-coupled event-driven architecture enabling existing systems to be the foundation for a new generation of responsive applications that create value by sensing, analyzing, and responding real-time.
  • Facilitates intelligent business process automation that orchestrates and automates workflows and processes into system of systems applications across people, application silos, devices, networked value chains, data, places, and things,
  • Fuses together, translates, and applies analytics to high velocity raw data in order to derive real-time actionable intelligence and prescriptive analytics,
  • Was first deployed into production in 2004, 
  • Is enterprise class and cloud scale, 
  • Provides a comprehensive low-code configurable and extensible application framework and platform for rapid configuration and development of solutions in any industry and across any use case scenario,
  • Supports deeply embedded, edge, fog, server and cloud deployments. 

 6D provides pre-built vertical COTS solutions as well as libraries of re-usable application functionality, analytics, helper methods, AI/ML, and microservices.   Our partners and clients report that they can implement solutions 8-15 times faster with 6D than with other digital transformation software platforms that they have seen and used.  This translates into faster time to market to deliver more comprehensive solutions that exactly serve the needs of each partner or client.

 6D empowers us to help our partners and clients to deliver highly differentiated new digital product and service innovations that deliver a leap in buyer value. 6D’s Internet Dashboard as well as 6D Responsive Mobile Applications for Android and iOS provide a diverse set of capabilities that can be configured to meet the exact user experience desired.

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 If you would like to successfully implement your digital transformation strategy in the most flexible and effective manner possible, please contact us.



What is the 6D Digital Transformation Application Software Platform and Why Should You Use It?

 Digital technologies will impact every aspect of your business..., 

  • Create new or improved products and services,
  • New types and volumes of data,
  • Translating the data into information is meaningful and timely,
  • Automating business processes and workflows,
  • Influence your trading partner relationships, processes, integration points, and workflows across your networked value chains.   

You will deploy and integrate digital technology enabled solutions..,

  • On the edge,
  • In your network,
  • In your data center, and
  • In your cloud computing service providers. 

To accomplish this, your company needs a new and complementary Digital Transformation Application Software Platform.  By leveraging 6D, your company will:

  • Minimize the cost, 
  • Minimize the risk and learning curve of developing new skills, 
  • Minimize the pain, challenges, and rat holes associated with learning how to best build and deploy digital transformation infrastructure and software,
  • Improve quality, and
  • Accelerate time to market.

Imagine leveraging 6D and empowering your executives to focus on their business and the innovation that will more rapidly deliver higher margins and accelerate revenue growth.

6D is a purpose built application software platform that can be used to configure, build, and deploy digital transformation projects, solutions, services, and products. The above graphic illustrates what a Digital Transformation Application Platform should provide and how 6D applies.

 When you utilize 6D, AI/ML, IoT technologies, visual and data analytics, computer vision, digital twin technologies and our services...,

  • You give your assets and applications a voice,
  • You will transform any asset into an intelligent asset,
  • You will enable enterprise applications & systems to react analytically, intelligently, automatically, robotically, and immediately,
  • You will increase visibility, control, and intelligence into your business, services, and operations, and
  • You will drive innovations that create a high performance, responsive organization.

Multiple research studies on the use of digital/IoT technologies confirms that existing Digital/IoT projects are challenging and difficult.  The Economic Times, May 24, 2017, reported that a study commissioned by Cisco confirmed that nearly 75% of all IoT Projects are failing.   Why?   The article states that "60% of respondents stressed that IoT initiatives looked good on paper but prove much more difficult than anyone expected."

To avoid the risk and challenges that these respondents confirmed, using our 6D Digital Transformation Application Software Platform will:

  • Keep it simple,
  • Accelerate your time-to-market new business products and service innovations, and
  • Achieve higher margins and faster revenue growth.


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Meet VI Agents Solutions

 VI Agents was incorporated in 2003.  We delivered Version 1 of 6D in early 2004 to a large Managed Service Provider.   6D was built from the ground up to provide digital transformation projects with near real-time sense, analyze, and respond workflow and process automation as an application platform that leverages AI/ML, IoT, Data Analytics, and Visual Analytics/Computer Vision.  We took the time to build 6D into a generic, configurable, extensible, scalable, low-code/no-code software platform that can be rapidly applied to any industry and any use case.  In fact, our partners and clients have told us that we provide feature functionality they cannot find elsewhere and if available, must typically be sourced from multiple software companies and integrated by themselves.  As a result of the comprehensive nature of 6D, our partners and clients tell us that they can deliver comprehensive intelligent solutions 8-15 times faster using 6D than with other platforms that they have used.

 VI Agents provides not only the 6D Digital Transformation Application Software Platform™, but also vertical digital COTS application solutions built on top of 6D.   We also provide hosting and professional services as appropriate for each partner and client.  Our success is tied to your successful use of 6D.

We believe in open, configurable, and extensible applications and platforms.   6D is like a "Swiss-Army Knife" due to how many ways you can use it.  In fact, you'll find yourself coming back to 6D time and time again to configure it to serve another purpose.  This empowers you to control your own destiny and we simply facilitate your success.  As a result, our clients may learn how to configure, build, and manage 6D powered solutions and do this work themselves.   Alternatively, our partners and clients may choose to work with us on a few projects and learn how to use and apply 6D side-by-side with our developers and professional services team.  6D was built using Java and will complement and integrate with other technologies and applications.   

 Our knowledge, skills, and experience in building enterprise class and cloud scale solutions eliminates the risk of an AI/ML, IoT, Analytics, Visual Analytics/Computer Vision project and maximizes the value of the new business services and innovations that will transform your business, organization, or service.

 VI Agents Solutions is a private company.  We exist to serve our partners and clients and to help them be dramatically more successful.  Our mission is to be positive value innovation change agents to make the world a better place and deliver dramatic increases in value to our partners and clients.  

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