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Distribution & Logistics

The distribution and logistics of products to place and replenish product sold to consumers or business in order to minimize the investment in inventory and never be out-of-stock in order to maximize profits, margins, and revenues is a complex task and a significant investment of capital.

IoT technologies promise to facilitate greater visibility, control, and management into complex networked value chains.  6D was designed to work in a networked value chain environment in order to account for ownership, liability, movement, and JIT replenishment of products sold to consumers or business.

Whether products are perishable or not, ensuring the highest quality product is delivered to the customer in a safe and economical manner and being able to trace the heritage of each product is of highest concern.  Brands are at risk unless the right products are on the right shelves every day.

IoT technologies and associated logistics software vertical solutions like 6D provide distribution and logistics companies with the right level of control, insights, and visibility.