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Intelligent Resupply, Distribution, & Logistics

The intelligent resupply, distribution and logistics of products to replenish product consumed or sold leverages automatic sensing and intelligent analysis of consumption patterns and velocity.  6D's ability to process in real-time local and networked value chain events and apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to these data streams enables organizations to minimize the investment in inventory and never be out-of-stock.  This in turn maximizes customer service, profits, margins, and revenues. 

Digital transformation and IoT technologies promise to facilitate greater visibility, control, and management into complex networked value chains.  6D was designed to work in a networked value chain environment in order to account for ownership, liability, movement, and JIT replenishment of products consumed or sold.

Perishable products or products with specific handling requirements including temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, and more are ideally suited for digital transformation.  Using transformative technologies that give these assets a voice provides the means for these products to tell us how they have been handled and what environmental conditions they have been subjected to across the supply chain and by whom.

Whether products are perishable or not, ensuring the highest quality product is delivered to the customer in a safe and economical manner and being able to trace the heritage of each product is of highest concern.  Brands are at risk unless the right products are on the right shelves every day.

6D's networked value chain COTS application provides the insights required across the supply chain.  Complementary use of blockchain technologies provides an immutable system of record that creates trust and records the voice of each asset.

6D's Intelligent Visual Analytics platform provides distribution, logistics, and transportation companies with significant new operational value.  Imagine how a set of digital eyes can help your organization see what is going on and monitoring the movement of assets, equipment, and people.   One such example is tracking products received, sorted, put-away, cross-docked, picked, staged, and shipped.  With the use of our visual analytics we can track each asset, piece of equipment, and each person throughout the day and while in the distribution or logistics center.  We use a combination of technologies to do this including being able to track and project where each object is moving from and to and by uniquely identifying each object.   We do this visually by identifying unique characteristics of each object including reading the barcodes and labels on each object from fixed cameras mounted in the facility and using that information to track and account for the movement of each object.

Digital transformation and IoT technologies as well as 6D's intelligent resupply, distribution, and logistics software vertical solutions provide distribution and logistics companies with the right level of control, insights, and visibility.