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The 6D Digital Transformation and IoT Application Software Platform™ ('6D™')

 6D provides all the nuts and bolts required to rapidly unlock the value of Digital Transformation projects, IoT, and implement an application solution on a device, on the edge, on a server, or in the cloud.  6D is an all-in-one solution for connected devices and more.  6D is fully integrated from the device, sensor, and actuator 6D Connector™ to the 6D Dashboard™ and 6D Companion™ mobile applications.  6D provides a complete software stack that you can trust and scale.  

6D not only equips you with the tools required to implement enterprise class IoT application solutions, but 6D also provides you with comprehensive application functionality and vertical solutions that you can use out-of-the-box or customize to meet your unique requirements.  Each client's use case is different.  Use 6D as little or as much as you need.


  • Delivers 85%-95% of the solution you require out of the box.  The tooling available to the developer and business analyst allow our partners and clients to then rapidly customize the solution typically measured in days and weeks.
  • Focuses on delivering:
    •  Quality improvements,
    •  Service enhancements,
    •  Product innovations,
    •  Revenue enhancements,
    •  Cost reductions, and
    •  Margin enhancements.
  • Provides game-changing value to innovators, business analysts, engineers, and software developers. 
  • Is not only enterprise-ready but also cloud-scale. 
  • Is multi-tenant
  • Provides unique virtual workspaces on one instance of the 6D Application and Integration Server™ ('6DAIS™') where you can deploy multiple unique and highly differentiated solutions.


Meet The 6D IoT Application Software Platform

 Imagine how quickly you can take 6D and implement your IoT projects.  Maximize your ROI on your IoT project by leveraging all the pre-defined and proven capabilities of 6D.

  •  6D Dashboard

The layout and design of the 6D Dashboard is only limited by your imagination.  The UI designer and developer may leverage as much of the 6D Dashboard framework and functionalities as is appropriate or build your own UI using whatever tools you prefer.  A few examples of the 6D Dashboard include...,

6D Dashboard 4 screen shots.png

  • 6D Mobile Application Client

The 6D Mobile Application Client provides support for Android and IoS smartphones and tablets.  The mobile application designer and developer may leverage the 6D Mobile Application Client codebase to rapidly implement a custom user interface.  A few examples include..,

 6D Companion UI screen shots.png

  • 6D Application and Integration Server™  ('6DAIS™')

The economics of using 6D are compelling.  In just one instance of 6D, you may run as many virtual application workspaces as your hardware environment will support.  In addition, 6D's use of the Spring microservices framework provides compelling horizontal scalability.  With libraries of application services, helper methods, and microservices, 6D provides a comprehensive platform for your IoT projects.

 6D Multi-tenancy and Multi-Application Virtual Workspaces with complementary architecture image.png


  • 6D Analytics™

6D tactical and strategic operational models fully integrated with analytics and learning.  Business rules, stream processing, and run-time analytics provide near real-time situational awareness in order to sense, analyze, and respond to events and anomalies.  Predictive and prescriptive analytics predict events and anomalies and prescribe actions that more effectively adjust current trajectory.

 6D Tactical and Strategic Operational Models fully integrated.png

  • 6D Communications Server and Messaging Engine™

The 6D Messaging Engine™ provides a publish and subscribe messaging bus and stream processing capabilities that provides a unified, high-velocity, persistent, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds and interacting with multiple application services, messaging services, and microservices.

  • 6D IoT Edge Server™

The 6D IoT Edge Server™ provides a high performance system or core for sensing, analyzing, and responding to high velocity data in an intelligent manner across a variety of applications that are closer to control systems and physical sensors.  This empowers organizations to apply edge intelligence for closed loop device optimization.

 6D Edge Server illustration with complementary architecture illustration.png

The 6D IoT Edge Server is a smaller footprint version of 6DAIS and supports a heterogenous set of applications.  It is typically deployed on the edge where additional scale, compute and functional capabilities are required.  It may also be deployed in combination with a large number of 6D-Nodes serving it as part of either an OT or IT application environment.

  • 6D Node™

6D Node is a nodejs based micro-server that leverages the nodejs ecosystem and layers on top 6D specific application microservices and feature functionalities for local high velocity data acquisition, analytics, real-time intelligence, control, automation, and integration.  6D-Node may be embedded in Software Defined Products, devices, edge gateways and other small footprint devices.  Some 6D-Node solutions are closed loop and others are fully integrated with other 6D ecosystem software products or third party products.

 6D-Node Graphic.png

6D-Node is OT focused and cloud as well as northbound application agnostic although it leverages 6DAIS well.

  • Software Defined Products, IoT Devices, and 6D Device Scripts™

VIA Solutions has integrated a wide variety of products and devices into 6D.  Some projects require us to embed software in a product to create a Software Defined Product ('SDP'.)  Other projects require us to develop purpose-built or configured custom device scripts or applications to meet the particular needs of our customers and partners.