Expert in the use of AI/ML, IoT, Analytics, Visual Analytics/Computer Vision & Digital Transformation that streamlines operations, automates workflows and processes, predicts and makes decisions, and increases profitability

Industrial Internet of Things ('IIoT')


Transform your products and services and the way your products are manufactured in order to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase revenues and margins using IIoT technologies and systems.

 Enhance equipment and machinery with IIoT enabled intelligence using sensors and advanced analytics to predict failures and predict optimum times for maintenance, service, and calibration of critical machinery, equipment, production and field equipment.  This reduces unplanned downtime and service and production interruptions.

Create new business services and innovations that leverage predictive maintenance and performance monitoring for equipment and services you produce and deliver ensuring a more compelling and valuable client experience.

 Use advanced analytics to improve field service scheduling and maintenance ensuring the right field service technicians, tools, and parts are dispatched and delivered before potential issues become significant problems.