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 Telematics has evolved to specifically refer to GPS vehicle and trailer/container tracking.  However, in a general sense, every IoT solution, involved the sending, receiving, storing, and using information related to remote objects or assets via a telecommunications device.

Telematics & Logistics

6D has been involved in vehicle and trailer/container tracking for over 12 years.   However, our particular emphasis is not simply tracking these transportation assets.   Our focus is on all the additional sensors that can be used in combination with a GPS tracking device for securing, operating, and managing the trailer, container, or refrigerated unit.  In addition, our focus includes an emphasis on the electronic paperwork that is associated with each shipment and using that information to provide a richer and more meaningful understanding of the context of the shipment and everything being shipped.

 Telematics and IIot

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine powered equipment such as generators, compressors, heavy duty vehicles, and other industrial machinery share information from PLCs, J1939, and other protocols.   Telematics devices from third party hardware providers provide us the means to rapidly integrate such protocols and data into 6D to enhance operations, monitor usage, predict maintenance and service parts replacement, and more.