Expert in the use of AI/ML, IoT, Analytics, Visual Analytics/Computer Vision & Digital Transformation that streamlines operations, automates workflows and processes, predicts and makes decisions, and increases profitability

Financial Services Firms

6D's event-drive architecture and intelligent analytics complement existing enterprise applications.  6D empowers high performance financial services firms with the ability to keep up with the pace of change in the business and to get out in front of the pack with the ability to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively add new functionality to support quickly evolving products, services, and business models.  These new business models are typically based on real-time data, AI/ML, and advanced analytics.  Nowhere is it more important than to enable system of systems functionality to fully integrate application silos than in financial services.  6D delivers an agile, high performance, and intelligent system of systems platform that can be broadly applied and that scales.

6D's event-driven architecture enables existing systems to be the foundation for the next generation of high performance, intelligent, and agile applications.  Financial services firms will leverage 6D event-driven application platform to:

  • Deliver significant value to the business by enabling applications to react to changes as they occur in milliseconds,
  • Capture events in real-time from any source, internal or external to your organization, that enable systems to react automatically and robotically,
  • Publish data, analytics, insights, or transactions in real-time to any participating system, partner, user, or entity,
  • Model events as either events or documents providing a strong foundation for transactional and analytical applications,
  • Empower the publishing and subscribing to data streams and analytics that make other applications more powerful,
  • Intelligently orchestrate and automate existing applications making them more responsive and powerful,
  • Improve organizational agility

 Historically, application systems and components don't send events and documents to each other in real-time.  In contrast, with 6D's event-driven system, 6D processes events and triggers in real-time a process that orchestrates what happens to any number of systems and determines the proper course of action.  6D also creates one or more transactions across multiple enterprise systems as well as triggers various system behaviors.  These transactions and triggered system behaviors are based upon defined business rules and/or AI/ML and data analytics.  The immediate detection of events, triggered transactions, and system behaviors empower the organization to be proactive and positive.  This in turn creates a much better customer experience and a more productive, efficient, and responsive high performance organization.

Financial services firms are significant users of video.  Unfortunately, most of that video data is lost and only used for forensic analysis.  In contrast, 6D's Intelligent Visual Analytics provides the means to leverage significant amounts of video data and integrate that data to complement existing enterprise applications as well as new responsive and intelligent applications.  This improves productivity and security as well as helps prevent fraud.