Expert in the use of AI/ML, IoT, Analytics, Visual Analytics/Computer Vision & Digital Transformation that streamlines operations, automates workflows and processes, predicts and makes decisions, and increases profitability

Business Model Overview

VIA Solutions is a independent software company that markets it software products, services, and hosting to our channel partners and their clients.  Channel partners have domain expertise and value added products and services that they combine with our products in order to deliver highly differentiated solutions to their target markets and clients.

VIA Solutions:

  • Offers 6D and 6D vertical solutions primarily on a subscription basis.
  • Will co-market with our partners.
  • Provides professional services in order to assist our partners and clients in the delivery of 6D powered product and service innovations
  • Will train our partners and their clients on how to configure and build solutions using 6D as appropriate,
  • Provides private cloud 6D hosting services
  • Primarily offers a software only solution
  • Will offer 6D embedded appliances in order to facilitate rapid deployments for our partners and clients