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 6D Internet Dashboard and 6D Mobile Application Framework, Templates and Configurable User Interfaces

 The 6D Internet browser based Dashboard and 6D Mobile Application framework, templates, and configurable user interfaces provide the means to customize the user experience and interfaces to meet most users requirements.

6D™ provides several out-of-the-box templates that can be used to rapidly configure and deliver a rich user experiences.   Multiple panes of information may be configured and deployed and include whatever content is most appropriate for the end user role and use case scenario that is being presented.  Several examples of various implementations of the 6D Dashboard™ are below.

 Dashboard with Map and sidebars.png

Dashboard Video Wall.png

Dashboard with Various meters and charts.png


 6D's Mobile Application framework provides for rapid configuration and customization of a responsive mobile user interface.  Examples of this interface include the following 6D Mobile Application screenshots.

 VIA 3 up set 1.png

 For team messaging, dispatch, collaboration, and more, the following 6D Mobile Application screenshots illustrate this functionality, which is also complemented by similar functionality on the 6D Dashboard.VIA 3 up set 2.png

 And also these 6D Mobile screenshots including a generic button configuration screen,VIA 3 up set 3.png