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6D-intelligent Video Analytics™ ('6D-iVA™)


6D-iVA™ provides comprehensive solutions to challenging operational and environmental challenges based upon intelligent video analytics and cognitive automation.  Video analytics enable programmatic interpretation of what is in the camera's field of view.  There are three layers of analytics that are applied to video streams in order to translate the video and meta-data such into actionable intelligence.  In layers two and three, the frame by frame video analytics metadata is fused together with other information data sets to contextualize and comprehend what the information means and what insights can be derived.  The insights then drive the automation that is appropriate.

 What differentiates 6D-iVA?6D - Video Analytics Train Station People Counting - Flow and Direction with Caption.png  

  • Quality
  • Precision
  • Accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Versatility
  • Proprietary IP
  • Experience


Video analytics must be contextualized and integrated within your business and operational processes!  

There are considerable business and operational process details and analytics that must be understood and used to complement video analytics in order to translate the video analytics metadata into useful real-time or forensic information and insights.

Video analytics metadata from one or more cameras and multiple other IoT technologies are contextualized and fused together with data from other operational systems.  This allows 6D-iVA to integrate real-time situational awareness associated with video analytics into your business processes and workflows.

 6D Video Analytics - Dwell time alert - Object Left Behind with Caption.pngException Oriented Survelliance and Video Summary with 6D-iVA

 Central Security Operations Centers are labor intensive and typically are used for forensic analysis.  Catching in appropriate behavior or intrusions using streaming video typically doesn't happen due to human attention spans and distractions.

In contrast, intelligent video analytics provide a digital set of eyes that can watch every video stream 24 x 7 and capture real-time behavior and intrusions that deserve immediate attention.

Deploy Video Analytics on the Edge, Data Center, or Cloud

6D-iVA may be deployed on anywhere in the network that is appropriate.  They may be deployed on edge devices that are placed near the cameras or back in the data center or cloud where video can be streamed or retrieved.  Level 1 video analytics are complemented by Level 2 and Level 3 analytics where the meta-data from Level 1 video analytics is fused together with other meta-data and sensor information as well as contextualized from a business process and workflow automation point of view.

6D iVA video analytics architecture Slide.PNG 

What Will Intelligent Video Analytics Do For You?

Today’s customer is demanding real-time situational awareness, analytics, and business intelligence.  As a result, medium to large scale deployments of IoT technologies are being rolled out by organizations worldwide for a broad variety of use case scenarios.  Intelligent video analytics is an IoT technology.
Historically, CCTV type video surveillance has provided organizations with remote visibility.  However, the practical realities of CCTV is that it is primarily used for forensic analysis and not pro-active loss prevention; increased safety and security; operational analytics; and business process automation.  In fact, we suggest that 99% of all video captured as a result of the use of video surveillance is useless noise.  In addition, research has proven that users of video surveillance systems typically cannot see what is happening when viewing video after the first few minutes as the user essentially cannot focus and maintain an attention span for any length of time in order to see what the video is presenting to the user.  Users experience information overload in typical 8, 16, or 32 “up” thumbnails on each screen that is part of the typical video wall.

The latest advances in artificial intelligence, machine vision, deep learning, neural networks, and more enable VI Agents 6D-iVA™ to use video analytics that create a set of digital eyes that can see and interpret the full field of view of each camera.  The video interpretation is based upon a combination of video analytics algorithms, scene learnings, and machine intelligence / deep learnings.

 What Type of Video Analytics Can Be Used?

 The following video analytics use cases may be applied:

  • Classifying objects
  • Identifying objects
  • Interpreting the behavior and gestures of people seen by the video cameraPerimeter and area security
    • Dwell time
    • Fights and other threats
    • Suspicious behavior
    • Expressions of fear
  • Perimeter and area Security
  • Intrusion detection and unauthorized presence
  • Identifying people using facial recognition
  • Identifying objects left behind or added to a scene
  • Counting people or objects
  • Detecting traffic congestion
  • Detecting road conditions
  • Detecting environmental factors
  • Tracking objects
  • And more….,
Multiple data streams of video analytics meta-data events may be fused together to provide a comprehensive video-based situational awareness.  The video analytics meta-data may also be fused with other sensor events generated by M2M / IoT technologies.  Together the video analytics and M2M / IoT provide an even more comprehensive understanding of the situation providing dual confirmation using multiple technologies.

Flexible Use Case Scenarios

6D-iVA provides highly differentiated video analytics capabilities out-of-the-box that are flexible and broadly applicable.  This allows easier implementation cycles and more intelligent analytics can be applied to each use case scenarios. 

What Industries?

6D-iVA has no industry limitations.  The intelligent video analytics can be applied to virtually any use case.  

Challenges that 6D-iVA™ Addresses?

The video image above leverages some advanced video analytics.    Those video analytics include:

  • The ability to eliminate shadows, reflections, glares, and such in order to see the real objects and environmental issues. 
  • Minimize the training of the system
  • Leverage a large database of identified objects
  • Inferencing Engine allows differentiation of objects and the assessment of object characteristics
  • Does not require experts to use the system
  • Allows human feedback loop for training
  • Leverages parametric configuration and scoring
  • High fidelity and accuracy is achievable

Other analytics may also be running in parallel on the video stream.

What is the Value Proposition?

The primary value proposition is the ability to provide a new generation of pro-active real-time operational / business intelligence.  Whether the video analytics are monitoring the behavior of visitors, customers, or employees or used to increase the safety and security of people, assets, equipment, remote sites, and other facilities and infrastructure provides compelling value.  6D-iVA™ unlocks new business and operational value that accomplishes what could not be accomplished before and delivers high performance precision and fidelity.