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Consumer Engagement

Suppliers and manufacturers are provided a solution where they can generate QR codes and write IDs to NFC chips that empower the supplier with the ability to label products with QR codes or NFC tags. Consumers may anonymously scan the QR codes or NFC tags and 6D™ with their smartphone or tablet and the solution will immediately stream custom video content and/or present custom website content to be presented to the consumer.   The customer experience and use of the video or custom website content is monitored using Google Analytics and the derived insights are available to the supplier, partner, retail store, and others in order to optimize the customer experience and gain insights into consumer behavior and interests.

System behavior is configurable through a 6D Administration Dashboard™ for each client and product.


Using Video Analytics for Customer Engagement and Content Management

Providing dynamic content through digital signage based upon targeted audience attention analytics and other video analytics that marketers identify as catalysts for content change offers compelling new business value.  This is in contrast to digital signage or other media that is static and unresponsive to the audience and key influencers that might be nearby like sports athletes, celebrities, or other catalysts. 

Using our unique video analytics tooling and application software, we can map out the process of analytics and the fusion of various channels of information that can be used to identify the best digital signage that will have the most effective impact on an audience of nearby people.

The video analytics, NVF™, are applied to a use case using a tool called Filter Tracer™, that performs various machine vision analytics in order to generate the appropriate information about what the camera sees in its field of view.  This information can then be used to trigger a change in content based upon multiple streams of video analytics data.

NVF FT picture.jpg