Expert in the use of AI/ML, IoT, Analytics, Visual Analytics/Computer Vision & Digital Transformation that streamlines operations, automates workflows and processes, predicts and makes decisions, and increases profitability

 Meet VI Agents Solutions ('VIA Solutions™')

VI Agents Solutions is a technology, services, and application platform/solutions company focused on providing high performance scalable digital transformation, IIoT, and mobility application solutions.  Our 6D™ software platform empowers our partners to rapidly delivery vertical industry solutions that apply across many industries and others that are specific to various vertical markets.  VIA Solutions provides a number of vertical applications built on top of 6D that our clients can rapidly tailor to meet their needs.  VIA Solutions' team are value innovation agents that believe in delivering business innovations that deliver a dramatic increase in buyer value quickly.

VI Agents was incorporated in 2003.  We delivered Version 1 of 6D in Q1, 2004 to a large Managed Service Provider.   6D was built from the ground up for digital transformation and to leverage the Internet of Things.  6D is a comprehensive solution and can be applied to any industry and any use case.  In fact, our partners and clients have told us that we provide feature functionality that must typically be sourced from multiple software companies and integrated by themselves.  As a result of the comprehensive nature of 6D, our partners and clients tell us that they can deliver comprehensive digital transformation and IoT enabled solutions 8-15 times faster using 6D than with other platforms that they have used.

VIA Solutions provides not only the 6D Application Software Platform, but also provides hosting and professional services as appropriate for each partner and client.  Some of our vertical applications include:

  • 6D Track, Trace, and Chain-of-Custody™
  • 6D Cold Chain™
  • 6D PSIM™
  • 6D Intelligent Visual Analytics™
  • 6D Safety and Security™
  • 6D Self-Service Industrial Kiosks and Inventory Management™
  • 6D Digital Twins™
  • 6D Asset Management and Monitoring™
  • 6D Next Gen SCADA™

Our success is tied to your successful use of 6D.  These vertical solutions typically help you realize 85%-95% of your vision out-of-the-box.  6D's configurability and extensibility allows us to rapidly configure and customize the remaining details, business rules, processes, and workflows that your firm requires.

We believe in open, configurable, and extensible applications and platforms.   This empowers you to control your own destiny and we simply facilitate your success.  As a result, our clients may learn how to configure, build, and manage 6D powered solutions and do this work themselves if desired.   Alternatively, our partners and clients may choose to work with us on a few projects and learn how to use and apply 6D side-by-side with our developers and professional services team.  6D was built using Java and will complement and integrate with other technologies and applications.   

Our knowledge, skills, and experience in building enterprise class and cloud scale IoT-enabled solutions minimizes and eliminates risks associated with digital transformation or IoT projects.  6D helps us maximize the value and ROI of the new business services and innovations that will transform your business, organization, or service.

 VIA Solutions is a private company.  We exist to serve our partners and clients and to help them be dramatically more successful.  Our mission is to be positive value innovation change agents to make the world a better place and deliver dramatic increases in value to our partners and clients.  


Why should you trust and use VI Agents Solutions and 6D™


  • 6D is a mature, high performance, high availability software platform that is configurable, extensible, and can be rapidly customized to meet your needs and requirements.  It is like a "Swiss-Army" knife in terms of how many ways you can use it and trust it.
  • Proven track record, minimal to no technical risk..,   no science projects!
  • Engagement model maximizes probability of meeting customer’s objectives and vision
  • Increase margins and accelerate revenues faster with VI Agents Solutions and 6D™
  • Deliver solutions in 90 days or less, sometimes in as little as a few days if we start with an 6D Application Use Case Template™ that we already have available

  • Comprehensive value proposition..,  one company to deal with…, less complex engagement model..., more comprehensive software..., better value


What new business product or service would you like to offer that will move the needle in your business?