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IoT in Manufacturing

The top 3 areas for IoT in manufacturing, according to IDC, are:

  • Manufacturing operations
  • Production asset management and maintenance
  • Field service

IoT is changing the way products and services are developed, sold and consumed. Connected solutions empower organizations to differentiate offerings and add value in new and compelling ways.

The smart factory can leverage 6D's networked value chain application functionality to integrate and share information derived from thousands of IoT sensors and actuators across all aspects of manufacturing and supply chain operation.

Other use cases for IoT in manufacturing include:

  • Safety, security, and worker protection
  • Connected services
  • Transportation
  • Supplier services and supply chain visibility and monitoring
  • Demand chain visibility and monitoring
  • Vehicle and asset tracking
  • Access control
  • Health monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Asset protection
  • Facility management
  • and more

IoT offers manufacturers the ability to:

  • Increase efficiencies
  • Increase automation
  • More intensely focus on the customer
  • Realize competitive advantages
  • Increase margins
  • Grow revenues through new innovative products and services

 Implementing 6D will allow manufacturers to realize the benefits of IoT technologies at the best possible value.